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The Sanskrit word “Yoga” is derived from the root “Yuj,” which means “to join,” “to yoke,” or “to unify.” According to yogic texts, practising yoga causes one’s awareness to become one with the Universal Consciousness, signifying complete harmony between the mind and body, as well as between man and nature. Many people have benefited from the development of yoga in their quest for healthy weight loss. Yoga and weight loss are controversial subjects. Many individuals think that yoga by itself cannot aid in weight loss. Yoga has shown to be advantageous when accompanied by a healthy diet because it aids in weight loss and mental and physical well-being. Yoga improves your body awareness and relationship skills. Instead of binging on foods that can cause you to gain weight, you will start looking for nutritious foods. Eating well and exercising are two key components of weight loss. These elements are necessary for weight-loss yoga poses.

There are many benefits of yoga, but most of the people do it for weight loss, let’s look into some benefits of yoga other than weight loss which you might not know.

Yoga enhances flexibility, balance, and strength

While holding a position can help improve strength, deep breathing helps in maintaining balance and the different kinds of poses in yoga makes your muscles stretch in different angles which leads to a more flexible body. The balance that yoga provides helps in maintaining a good posture and the strength will always be an added benefit to your immunity. 

Yoga is beneficial for easing back discomfort

When it comes to reducing pain and enhancing mobility in those with lower back pain, yoga is just as effective as simple stretching. Yoga is suggested by the American College of Physicians as a first-line treatment for persistent low back pain. Yoga is so beneficial that if you take a 200 hours YTTC Rishikesh you may notice immediate effects and feel rejuvenated. The back pain in some people has gone completely with the help of yoga and regular yoga will not let the back pain to strike. 

Yoga helps lessen the effects of arthritis

According to a Johns Hopkins assessment of 11 recent research, gentle yoga has been demonstrated to lessen some of the discomfort associated with painful, swollen joints for persons with arthritis. If you take up a 300 hours YTTC Rishikesh then it will definitely play a major role in helping you with arthritis and will help the pain to be curbed maximum. 

Yoga helps to sleep 

According to research, practicing bedtime yoga regularly might help you set the correct mood and get your body ready for sleep. If you are struggling with insomnia and are not able to sleep at all, then you should definitely try yoga before going to sleep. Moreover, the Leg up the wall pose is a pose that helps to sleep better and helps people with insomnia in several ways. 

It is good for the heart

Regular yoga practice may lower stress levels and overall inflammatory levels, promoting heart health. It is also possible to treat some of the risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and being overweight. You can try the Downward dog pose if you wish to do yoga to improve your heart health and stay fit or come out of obesity as soon as possible. 

Yoga may result in increased vigor and happier moods.

After establishing a regular yoga practice schedule or going to the Best Yoga Teacher Training course Rishikesh, you might experience an improvement in mental and physical energy, an increase in attentiveness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative emotions. Yes, yoga and exercise help with severe problems like depression and anxiety, and if you are having anxiety attacks then they might be less often after a 200 hours YTTC Rishikesh or a 300 hours YTTC Rishikesh


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