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Learn 200 Hours YTTC in Rishikesh at the Best Yoga School

Yoga considers Shiva its initial Guru, its initial Yogi (Adiyogi). With this realisation, he overcame joy and either danced or sat utterly still. He alternated between periods of intense immobility and joyous dancing, and this was a pattern he kept repeating with 200 hours YTTC.

Were all the gods in heaven watching him and seeing something they didn’t know? Heaven felt like a lower realm!

They had the impression that “We are missing something.”

The several styles of Yoga Shiva taught depended on the readiness of the person sitting in front of him when they eventually persuaded him to lead the method.

Shiva is claimed to have first taught his wisdom to his wife, Parvati, also known as Shakti. In addition, for the benefit of all, he led the ancient rishis the science of Yoga, which they then disseminated to the rest of the world. Agama Sastras, Siva Sutras, and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra are popular writings that contain these techniques and have been refined over the years by numerous masters, who polished this art and then passed it on to their students. Yoga’s wisdom was passed down through the millennia due to this Guru-disciple tradition.

Quintessence Of Yoga

Moving deeper into our own Shiva nature, we enter into the immortal pure light of unlimited awareness and liberation, transcending time and space. There is nothing but your drama of manifestation in the body, mind, and universe. ‘Om Yoga International‘ was created due to Shiva’s inspiration. Lord Shiva’s name ‘Om Yoga International,’ which means “to see within” and “one who transcends above,” is just one of the numerous names he goes by.

“Yoga brings the past and future of the body and mind together in the present now.”

Transformation After Yoga

This feeling of being anchored in your body, peaceful, connected, clear, and focused, is the most common “high” that Yoga provides. You learn to accept silence and surrender to the moment, and 200 Hours YTTC Rishikesh transforms all artificial into the natural state of things. We help you better understand your personality and develop a more trusting relationship with yourself through our in-depth Yoga instruction. With more self-confidence comes a healthy, balanced ego that has nothing to prove or hide. Everyone’s relationship sets the tone for all other relationships; therefore, it’s essential to treat yourself well.

At the same time, as we want to provide our students with an excellent educational experience, we also want to teach them how to maintain good mental and emotional hygiene, integrate moral principles and grow in consciousness as they strive for greatness.

There are many things that Om Yoga International envisions for our future generations that are only achievable when the world understands 200 Hours YTTC Rishikesh‘s potential.

We are fortunate to be living in a period where individuals can have a profound impact on the lives of those around them. We’ve never had it so good as we do now as far as being able to be heard and understood. 

Our Vision

The world transforms better when we learn from our mistakes and improve our performance. Change begins with us now, with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training Course. We need to work together to bring about the change we want.

We can find the sense of community we’re looking for in our yoga school sessions. The practise of Yoga teaches us that we are all one, regardless of our differences. We’re all one big family. Through the practice of Yoga, we learn how to be more self-aware and compassionate. This is what it means to be human in its entirety.

Yoga’s self-study component, known as ‘Svadhyaya,’ is an integral part of the practice. Svadhyaya enables us to become aware of our acts and to take responsibility for them. We can only modify our behaviours and inspire others to step fully into their power and become tremendous agents of change once we understand who we are and how we impact the world.

We have faith in a better future where there is harmony and peace among all living things because of the teachings of Yoga. As a result of their instructions, they’ve been able to pass on their knowledge and inspire others.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training Course must now be put into action. 200 Hours YTTC Rishikesh teaches us that no matter how good or horrible we intend our efforts to be in the world, they always come back to us. There is always a response to anything you do. Is there a way we can achieve this stunning effect? What if we put our best selves out into the world, raising the globe’s vibration and inspiring healing and transformation?

As long as we remember that “Om Yoga International” was a foundation stone for a world filled with perfect harmony, we’ll be happy.