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Discover the 5 Incredible Benefits of Practising Yoga at Home: Transform Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Time is money and time has value. You must hear these words in your daily life but how many hours do you give to your personal health? While working 24×7 according to the WHO  980 million people worldwide have mental health issues like depression and anxiety due to the daily stress of work, family or personal problems. Yoga can be the best way to take care of all these issues in your life because as they said a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. But the question is how can we learn?  Does it require any special arrangement or a separate place? The answer is NO!

You just need a good teacher who knows it and you can learn it in the comfort of your own home. To make your learning easy professionals like OM Yoga International offer a wide range of yoga courses such as 300 hours YTTC Rishikesh or 500 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh as per your convenience whether you want to learn offline or online.

1. Easy Interaction with Professionals

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh enables you to learn and interact with professionals at your convenience and according to your time preference. Being highly professional in handling hundreds of students, Om Yoga International knows how to manage a large bunch of students who are eager to learn with the best faculty of yoga professionals one can get high standards of knowledge.   300 hours YTTC Rishikesh covers Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sivananda Yoga and many more styles so that you can customise the style which suits you the most and choose from the traditional or modern approach as per your choice.

To make sure students have a great learning experience 500 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh provides an appropriate environment for learning  Ashtanga yoga teacher training Rishikesh provides regular sessions on meditation, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology which helps you to develop into a balanced teacher ready to teach yoga across the world. The certified teacher given by Om Yoga International will open up immense possibilities for further career options in the world of yoga.

2) Daily Standard Guidance 

yoga is based on true knowledge and always gives fruitful results you are looking for opt a career in yoga teaching then you must start with professional guidance with true knowledge so that you could teach better and deliver your knowledge to its full extent with Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh you can procure good knowledge as well as proper guidance along with doubt clearing sessions. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with thousands of people online who are learning with you and can explore new exposure in life. 500 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh is a complete package for young and ambitious students to learn better and opt for a true and knowledgeable career opportunity in life. 

3. Comfort with clarity of Thoughts

With home comfort, there is no compromise of clarity in thoughts cause yoga is a science in itself it is not something that is related to some religion or community it is a full fledge knowledge that consists of facts as well as scientific proof and getting this knowledge with your home comfort makes your task easier to learn and become a fully authorised and well-knowledged yoga teacher. Ashtanga yoga teacher training Rishikesh is an opportunity for all to learn with basics and maintain the standards of your knowledge so that you feel confident and sure.

4. Social Benefits

Regular interaction with teachers and classmates from all over the world improves your social skills and personal behaviour to talk to others also. It also gives you a chance to handle a seminar or volunteer for various social events while learning so that you can improve your confidence and feel positive while handling a task or a bunch of students. Another great benefit of learning 300 hours YTTC Rishikesh is that you get to learn the Ashtanga yoga teacher training Rishikesh, which is considered one of the best forms of yoga and has gained great attention in recent times as an effective tool in combating physical ailments as well as mental health issues.

With this kind of training, you will be able to understand the proper techniques and poses that are required in order to be a certified practitioner in Ashtanga yoga, allowing you to spread knowledge about this ancient practice throughout the world. In addition, by learning this type of yoga at home, you will also be able to save some money as you won’t have to go through additional costs such as paying transportation fees, accommodation charges, etc.

5. Authorised Training and Mentorship

Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh is an Internationally renowned course that is highly recommended for young trainees for their basic improvements about yoga. Getting knowledge from the authorised organisation creates a standard of learning and firmly increases the level of confidence in individual students. OM Yoga International offers Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh with well-experienced mentors who provide guidance throughout the 300 hours YTTC Rishikesh program. Students are provided with lectures, seminars, chanting, workshops, and practical classes to improve asanas, pranayama, kriyas, teaching methodology, anatomy, physiology, meditation, etc. All these learning help teachers in gaining the information required to be a professional teacher.