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Om Yoga International

“Om or Shiv is the greatest meaning, the absolute.”

Om Yoga International established in the year 2010, is one of the best yoga teacher training schools, located in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world .

The holy river Ganga is 200 metres from the centre, the soothing sound of river and the pleasant view of Himalayas makes this place perfect for yogis to do their sadhana.

Acharya Radhika Sharan and Acharyani Ruchika Sharan, who have devoted two decades to studying Vedanta, Upanishads and Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, have meticulously designed and supervised the Yoga training syllabus at the OYI.

OYI teaches ancient yogic philosophies as per the teaching of our ancient saints. We believe in teaching the traditional style of Yoga as mentioned in the Vedas, which provides us “Way to successful living with  Yoga and Meditation”. Unfortunately, some ignorant people misled the term “Yoga” with Asanas. We maintain the utmost sanctity of Yoga on the principles of Vedas, Samkhya Yoga, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and Bhagwad Geeta. Therefore, nobody can question and deny the significance and relevance of our syllabus.

Offering a deep, connected spiritual experience with our specialised team, you will not be disappointed when you choose to study with us. Our primary focus is to have a small and intimate class setting for individualized attention to our trainees. We aim to create a free atmosphere and a special bond between the students, teachers, and team. Om Yoga International has a reputation for the quality of our teachers, facilities, and the loving, supportive style of our conducting classes.

Our training offers an in-depth journey of both the physical aspect of the practice and philosophical and spiritual dimensions. Our teaching training validates our deep devotion to the individuals on this planet carrying the ancient teachings of yoga inside them.

There are more than thousands of Yoga centres across India to teach Yoga. Despite that, traditional Yoga has lost its sanctity because most Yoga Instructors need to properly understand Yoga and the Sanskrit language, which is a source of Yoga philosophy. Therefore, these people have restricted the meaning of Yoga only to Asanas. Furthermore, the everyday Yoga lover only moves within Asanas. Yoga is something different, and it is a complete path. However, Asanas are just one part of Yoga, not a comprehensive way. As a result, Yoga has been restricted to the word of asanas only by untrained Yoga professionals, who are responsible for creating a pathetic image of Yoga at the global and local levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the perfect Yoga Instructor on the principle of Indian tradition and culture. If you wish to become a Yoga Instructor with complete Yogic life experience and authentic knowledge, you are at the right place.

Our Vision

At Om Yoga International, we focus on authentic Indian Traditional Yoga and the Sanskrit language and provide exact translations to non-English-speaking students

We can see that the present time has become a struggle for humans to survive because of increasing competition and desires and instability in relationships and emotions. To fulfil our wishes and be ahead in the competition race, we work day and night to achieve and become like a machine where we forget the words like happiness, joy, calmness, relaxation etc. But still, when we’re unable to fulfil our desires, we feel unsatisfied. Because, in reality, there is no end to desires. Wants are unlimited, and no one can ever make their wishes fulfilled. But we never understand this, and there are keen on fulfilling them. And when unable to fulfil, we feel sad and unsatisfied. Because we get demoralised and turn hostile, our negative thinking comes under peer pressure, feeling responsible for being unable to do what we want. As a result, in a lot of stress, tension, depression and anxiety. Now, whenever you are full of stress and anxiety, unable to sleep properly, then to come out of all this, you choose another path to calm your mind. For that, we start drinking, smoking, taking drugs etc. Slowly and gradually, we become addicted to all this. The result of all this is that the person then suffers physically also. However, this path is not a permanent and correct way to escape stress. But, because we lack understanding, we cannot understand all this. So, we suffer from physical and mental illness. And hence our entire life is ruined.

With the help of Asanas and Pranayama, help the person recover from physical illness and make physically and mentally strong. And with our Yogic Philosophy, we help recover from mental illness by changing the perspective of thinking for life. It allows them to look positively at life, BE HAPPY and find natural solutions to all life’s problems. And we are happy to say that we have achieved 100% results in this. Because students who come to study at our centre have experienced it and benefitted from this and have learned the” Way to successful living with Yoga and Meditation” at our centre. Our vision is to impart Real Ancient Yoga, which teaches us the “Way to successful living with the help of Yoga and Meditation.”

“Disciplined Lifestyle + Physical Practice = Superior State of Mind”

Our Team
Yoga instructor team

Experienced Yoga trainers

We have highly skilled and professional yoga training faculty who have years of expertise in their respective fields in our Yoga teacher training school Rishikesh. They are 100% reliable and experts in their field to support and motivate students throughout. "Nothing can Beat Experience" and our best Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh experts as your perfect yoga masters.

Yoga from the comfort of your Home

We have a perspective on improving your Rishikesh yoga retreat practices with our yoga certificate course Rishikesh to fit your body, psyche, and breath from the comfort of your home, having a sense of security and safety. Online Yoga Teacher Training Course can be the best option for you.

Learning about Ancient Yoga

We offer yoga certificate course Rishikesh & the best Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh dependent on our ancient Indian philosophies, which assist trainees with knowing our old styles of yoga and the method of living of our extraordinary rishi, Munis. That is much needed to restore the lost glory of ancient yoga.

Support and Motivation

We believe in offering as much spiritual support and inner motivation to our students as possible to develop them into enlightened human beings. Support and motivation are much needed, especially because each student is here away from their families. We comprehend this thoroughly with our best Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh & Yoga Teacher Training School Rishikesh.

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