Dr. Avadhesh Mishra Ji

Dr. Avadhesh Mishra is the most senior member of the Om Yoga International Team.

He was born in the Northern part of India, is currently residing in Haridwar, and working as a professor of Yoga and Swasthvritta in Gurukul Kangri University. He has a proficiency in Integrated Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Anatomy and Therapy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda. He has done deep studies on Vedanta, Samkhya Yog and Nyaya Darshan.

In Om Yoga, he serves as a Guest Teacher for the Yoga courses and Ayurveda courses to give seminars. Also, he serves as a consultant teacher for the students who want to take advice about their health. We design all our systems under his guidance, so all our courses are as per therapeutic style.