Mr. Vishnu PD Saxena Ji

Mr. Vishnu PD Saxena Ji serves as a Guest Teacher for the Yoga courses In Om Yoga International and Ayurveda courses to give seminars. He has a highly profound sense of training skills and communication with students. Therefore other than having a good knowledge of Ayurveda he also possesses a good knowledge of teaching skills. Being a dedicated Ayurveda Therapist & Trainer he has immense love and respect towards the science of Ayurveda and how all the five elements of the universe affects our life and wellbeing in one way or the other.

Throughout these years his main aim has always been to impart complete knowledge on Ayurveda and how it can change your life in several ways. Like a true Ayurveda enthusiast, he firmly believes that Ayurveda can lower the intake of medicines or any chemical intake which is normally detrimental to human body. Therefore he always stresses on the point to make students learn to add Ayurveda in their daily life.