Course Name: Kundalini Yoga TTC
Training Language: English
Duration: 21 Days
Booking Fees: 1000 INR / 50 USD
Total Fees (USD): Offline 555 USD, Online 275 USD
Total Fees (INR): Offline 41000INR, Online 21000 INR
Reviews: 357 Reviews

Kundalini Yoga TTC

Kundalini Yoga is the most spiritual type of Yoga that straightforwardly targets the association of mind, spirit, and body. For Kundalini’s energy to flow without hindrance, your body should be in harmony.

Kundalini Yoga Components: Breathing, mantras, kriyas, and mudras

Kundalini yoga consists of six main components, which are done in the below sequence:

Opening chant: Every session starts with an opening chant.

Pranayama: You’ll do breathing exercises, called pranayama, and sometimes movements to start spine exercise. The goal of pranayama is to practice controlling your breath.

Kriya: A kriya is an order of postures, pranayama, mudras (hand gestures), meditation, and alike. The instructor decides the length of the kriya.

Relaxation: This allows your body and mind to absorb the effects of kriya and helps you relax.

Meditation: Meditation is the ultimate form of enlightenment.

Closing chant: The class ends with a closing chant.


Stress and anxiety relief

two months of Kundalini yoga brought down members’ uneasiness levels. The scientists inferred that Kundalini yoga might be a viable treatment choice for individuals with a summed-up tension problem.

Improves cognitive function

Kundalini yoga cures depression along with improving cognitive function.

Boosts self-perception

Kundalini yoga might assist with treating dietary problems by working on self-insight and self-appreciation.