Yogi Sitaram Ji

Sitaram Ji born in Ishapur (village in U.P). He started practicing Yoga in the year 2014 after completing his BSC degree. He learned Traditional Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga, developed a great interest in Asanas at a very early age and managed to do almost all asanas. Afterward, he took some Teacher Training courses at Om Yoga Centre in the Puri branch for Japanese people. Then he returned to his hometown in U.P and taught Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras in the Patanjali Yoga organization and one of the colleges there to Indian people.

Being a proper fitness and yoga lover his main aim is to impart the importance of yoga and asana practice for complete wellbeing for people of all ages in all spheres of life. His only goal in life is to bring back the lost glory of yoga and asanas in everyone’s life. The multifold benefits of yoga cannot be ignored in any way. Being the best yoga instructor his knowledge is like a wellspring of intellect related to yoga.