Prenatal TTC

The practice of some necessary asanas, pranayama, or meditation assists with loosening up the mind and be ready for traditional delivery. This Yoga course in Rishikesh assists the mother with being prepared for the labor pain.

Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training

Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training has a duration of total 15days (2 weeks). Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training is very much required to have complete knowledge about the birth procedure of a child. We at OM YOGA International share the ancient methods our saints and masters followed for upbringing their babies right from the time they were not even in the mother’s womb. They were prepared to have a child until they were born and even later up to which he grew. This is the main specialty followed at our center to guide the pregnancy timing.


Course details of the Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training

  1. Introduction to Yoga & Pregnancy as part of Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training
  2. Pregnancy Yoga Guidelines
  3. Fundamentals of Pregnancy (Anatomy & Physiology)
  4. Garbh Samskara
  5. Diet & Nutrition for Pregnancy
  6. Physiology & Importance of Pranayama
  7. Importance of Mantra Chanting & Meditation for Pregnancy
  8. Importance of Relaxation and Yog Nidra practices for Pregnancy
  9. Complications in Pregnancy (Low to High Risks)
  10. Asanas Methodology for all 3 Trimesters
  11. Teaching Methodology & Lesson Planning
  12. Labour Preparation as a part of Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training
  13. Postnatal Physiology & Yoga
  14. Postpartum Depression
  15. Importance of Breastfeeding

CURRICULUM / CONTENT OF Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training


UPCOMING YOGA FOR Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training  COURSE(2021-22)


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10th May 2021 24th May 2021


02nd June 2021 16th June 2021
02nd August 2021 16th August 2021
08th Nov 2021 22nd Nov 2021

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT PROCEDURE FOR Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training

  • To enroll yourself in Prenatal postnatal yoga teacher training course, follow the mention steps:
  • Click here: APPLY NOW.
  • This link will direct you to the Registration Form page. You have to fill that form and submit it.
  • Upon submitting, you will get an email from OM YOGA containing a link to the booking amount (For outside India, it will be through Paypal, and for Indians, it will be through PayUMoney).
  • Clicking on that link, you have to transfer the registration fee of 100USD to book your seat. Please note that this Confirmation Fee is part of the entire course fee.
  • Upon transferring the booking amount, you will receive a confirmation mail within 1-2 days mentioning confirmation of your seat at Om Yoga, Course Name, Check-In & Check-Out date, Course Start & End Date, Advance Booking Amount transferred, Pending Amount, What to bring along with while coming, etc… So, your seat has been confirmed now.
  • Pending balance fee can be paid upon arrival in cash(in any currency depending upon the rate of that particular day) or by card(Any Credit, Debit, Maestro, Visa, American Express card, etc..can be used; if your credit card has only permission of shopping limit from your bank side, it won’t be used; 5% international transaction service charges extra applicable). The Third Option is an Online payment transfer (5% charges extra payable w&l).
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Prenatal TTC

Course Name: 100 Hours Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
Training Language: Hindi, English, Japanese
Duration: 15 days 100 hour
Paypal Fees: 480 USD
PayUMoney Fees: 35,000 INR
Reviews: (569 Reviews)